John & the Locals
data:3 Sierpień 2024 (Sobota)
organizator:Pandav Events

“John & the Locals” blend various musical genres, incorporating elements of rock, pop,
classical and folk. Their music is characterized by emotive vocals, powerful lyrics, and a
rhythm section that keeps audiences grooving.
The band draws inspiration from their personal experiences,cultural heritage, and the
people and places that have shaped their lives. Their songs often convey heartfelt stories
and messages that resonate with listeners on a profound.

John Chamling Rai made waves in the music industry producing several YouTube hits that
have gone viral with „Hawa Jastai” at 13+ million
views, “Farkanna Hola” with 5 million views, and
„Nihita” with 4 million views which thrusted the
band ““John and The Locals” into the spotlight.
Chart-toppers like „Sadhana” and „Mutu Dekhin” have further solidified their status as a highly sought-after band in today’s music scene.

For the first time , They are now touring different cities across Europe. Their Tour will is all set to start from Warsaw, Poland.

See you guys there !!



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